The Car Navigation Systems (Units GPS)

In the previous issue we had reported in portable navigation systems. But apart from those on the market, there are units that incorporate GPS and available in several cars either standard or optional. In the market, of course, there are after market choices.

Fixed navigation units have been put those in our lives, with a view to facilitating the movement of us. Unlike portable systems, fixed units are full potential, as it can have all the modern means of searching for the driver of a car (DVD, MP3, TV, etc.).

GPS = (Global Positioning System) Global Positioning System position. Principle of operation is a cluster of 29 satellites, in which the receiver is connected. The GPS was created strictly for military use in mid-1960, to become the leader of the citizen 30 years later and after having evolved accordingly.

The GPS abroad …

Navigation systems in Europe, besides being more aware of the road network, and have all points of interest for a driver (gas stations, hotels, banks, restaurants, etc.). As have been, and guided by personal experience-at least for the moment ruled out a European who comes to Greece by road, to select a specific address in Athens and go to „nail“ as we have done recently in our journey to Belgium. Navigation systems in Greece only recently (since 2004) has managed to „kaloupothei“ and gain mapping, so that they can work the navigation systems. Thus, we are here-and-still behind other European countries.

But do positive steps climb. One negative for Greek is that the driver has to cope with the frequent changes in the road network of cities (monodromiseis, pedestrian etc.), so there really needs the GPS, can not be help.

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